Agatha Papafilis
Meet Agatha, originating from Vancouver, British Columbia Agatha is an avid water sports enthusiast. From PADI divemaster, ACA kayaking instructor, waterskier, team leader and Kayaks Greece co-founder, Agatha is the key to ensuring that your trip will be nothing short of spectacular. Having served in the hotel industry for 10 years as Guest Services Manager, she will ensure that your stay in Greece will be a memorable one. Take a guided tour of Greece with Agatha and enjoy the wonders of Greece and the Mediterranean. Also: Inquire about Agatha's all day "shopping-therapy" class, a leader in the field


Diving at The Bubbles dive site off the coast of Antiparos, Greece. 2005

Jules James
Meet Jules, PADI dive instructor, tour director, and one of our team leaders and co-founder of Kayaks Greece. Jules originates from Wales, his travels have taken him to far reaching corners of the earth and back. Now with Kayaks Greece he is ready to share with you the wisdom of his journeys. His training is extensive from ACA kayaking instructor to Certified PADI Dive Instructor with 20 years of experience under his belt. From the frigid waters of British Columbia to the tropical paradise of the Caribbean, Jules will take you on a journey of your choice through Greece and the Mediterranean. Little known fact: (also a certified chef!)


Canyons dive site Antiparos, Greece. 2005

George Papafilis

Meet George, originating from Vancouver, British Columbia, he was born into water sports. PADI divemaster, ACA kayaking instructor, Power Squadron graduate and certified chef. George, with his combined 15 years experience in diving, bluewater and intercoastal waterway navigation, is also one of our team leaders and co- founders of Kayaks Greece. Here to guide you through the splendors of Greece and the Mediterranean, his ancestral home land. Take a guided sea kayaking tour with George and learn some of the rich history of Greece and enjoy some traditional local fair.


Bubbles dive site Antiparos, Greece. 2005