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Tours take place via sit-on-top Cobra Kayaks for the simple reason that we wish not to exclude any level of expertise. Our sit-on-top Cobra Kayaks lend themselves well to beginner and novice paddlers and even expert paddlers will enjoy the efficient and responsive hull design of our Cobra Kayaks. With the sit-on-top Cobra Kayak beginners and novices will enjoy the ease of use, safety and limited training involved in the operation of the kayak. As a seasoned or expert paddler, skills used in traditional kayaking are the same with the exception of the Eskimo role,submarining or (water evacuation ), entering and exiting the kayak.

With the sit-on-top kayak, paddlers need not worry about these expert skills do to the fact that the sit-on-top kayak is self-bailing and will not fill with water. The paddler is not skirted to the kayak thus capsize does not trap the paddler in the kayak, instead the paddler is free to easily re-board their kayak autonomously. The sit-on-top kayak is unique to our tours especially when participating in one of our dive-kayaking trips and snorkeling trips. The sit-on-top kayak can be anchored over a snorkeling or dive site and exited and entered easily by all skill levels.

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